Keleeravam Kathakali Association

Keleeravam Kathakali Association

"Keleeravam Kathakali Association" (mentioned as "Keleeravam" in short) is a non-profit organization which evolved from the "Kathakali group" in facebook in the year 2011. The Facebook Kathakali group is a very active forum for Kathakali today, where lively discussions on various matters related to Kathakali occur.  Keleeravam was conceptualized from these discussions. by active members of the group, who wished to promote Kathakali in an organized manner. Today, Keleeravam has members from various parts of the world, and has been formally registered under "1955 TRAVANCORE-COCHIN LITERARY, SCIENTIFIC AND CHARITABLE SOCIETY ACT" at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India in October, 2011. The organization envisages a global vision to promote Kathakali with its wide scope of activities. The formal launch of the organization happened in a grand way on 17 December, 2011 (See's video report here).

The chief aims and objectives of Keleeravam can be summarized thus:

  1. Promote Kathakali as our iconic performing classical art form, in and out of Kerala, amongts various sections of society, irrespective of caste, sex, creed, religion etc.
  2. Work to generate more stages for Kathakali, it being a performing art, providing opportunities for creative expression for independent professional artists and helping them to improve their living standards.
  3. Enter, establish, and maintain various micro and macro projects dedicated to the promotion of Kathakali
  4. Generate more audience for Kathakali, by conducting activities like lectures and demonstrations for young students (in schools, colleges etc), social gatherings, shopping malls, housing colonies etc.
  5. Work for the welfare of the Kathakali artists of all departments, introduce social welfare schemes and relevant projects for the same.
  6. Promote and recognize outstanding artists, by suitable awards and scholarships
  7. Conduct programs or promotional activities in association with various organized or unorganized socio-cultural groups in different parts of the country and abroad.
  8. Do all necessary things aimed at the promotion of the cause of society, for achieving the aims and objectives mentioned above.


To be the "real non-profit" promoter of Kathakali and artists.


"KAFY", the shortened form of "Kathakali For Youth", is one of the initiatives started by Keleeravam to promote Kathakali amongst the young generation. The first KAFY session was conducted ably by Ettumanoor Kannan and team on Dec 19, 2011 at Palakkad, Kerala. More than 200 students from various colleges of Palakkad participated in the session, and enhanced their insight into Kathakali. Videos of the session can be seen in Keleeravam's youtube channel.

Spreading wings outside Kerala

The first event of Keleeravam outside Kerala will be in Chennai on March 10, 2012. Details of the event can be found here.

Founded Year: 
Kattil Lane
TC 1/1420/3